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The Adams County Office of Elections has sample ballots on their website for every precinct in the county.  Every precinct, because the ballots are unique to each precinct for the local candidates (school board, township supervisor, auditor, tax collector, etc).  

Democratic Headquarters is open every day from noon to 4 pm, and volunteers are available to answer questions from callers and visitors.  On Election Day the office will be staffed from 7 am to 8 pm. Please call 717-337-5285 or drop by at 24 Chambersburg Street, where printed copies of candidate information are available, as well as information on the State Judicial candidates.

The Committee Office:
24 Chambersburg Street
PO Box 4001
Gettysburg, PA 17325 
Phone: 717-337-5285



Adams County Election Results for the November 2023 election are posted at the link below.


See the results here!

We Believe In

Equal opportunity for all citizens,
Rewarding honest, hard work with a living wage and fair tax system, Family values that are more than a political slogan,
Quality education that gives all citizens the opportunity to reach their potential,
Freedom from government interference in our private lives and personal decisions,
A diverse population and the benefits derived from diversity,
Security in our homes and safety on our streets,
Separation of church and state to preserve individual freedom, as set forth in the Constitution,
A strong United States - morally, economically and militarily,
Laws that protect and preserve our environment, including commonsense reforms for cleaner and safer air and water,
An honest and open government that is accountable to the American people,
And providing affordable and quality healthcare to all Americans.

Source: The PA Democratic Party Handbook and Resource Guide, Adams County.  To learn more about our operating procedures, review our
ACDC Committee Bylaws. 

Healthcare Access for all

Better Jobs + Fairer Wages

Funding for Schools

Clean Environment

Safety + Equality for Everyone

Caring for Older Members of community

Fair Elections

Justice Reform

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